The Abekobe Cream (あべこべクリーム Abekobe Kurīmu) or Opposite Cream is a cream-type gadget. When applied to the skin, any hot or cold sensation will be felt to their opposite.


When applied to the skin, any hot or cold sensation the skin felt will be the opposite. For example, if a person applied the Abekobe Cream to their skin, and they went out to in the snow wearing only one layer of cloth, they will feel warm instead of cold. Another example is, if they get burned or scalded, they will be frozen instead.

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  • "Abe Kobe" (あべこべ) means "opposite" or "other way around" in Japanese.
  • The Abekobe Cream, Kobe Abe and Abekonbe's name is based on the same phrase, "Abe Kobe".
  • There is a running gag about this gadget. Everytime Nobita puts the cream on, he puts too much on and either feels frozen or boiled.


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