Animal Transformation Biscuits ( 動物ビスケット Animal Biscuits), or Animal Transformation Crackers in the English dub, are food-type gadgets. Based on the shape of the biscuit, a person that eats the biscuit will transform into the kind of animal shape the biscuit is. A person that transform into an animal by eating the biscuits are anthropomorphic. For example, Nobita ate a cat-shaped biscuit, and only his head and hands are cat-like.


The Animal Transformation Biscuits are typically eaten by children as toys. After eating one, it requires about a few minutes to transform. During transformation, the person may involuntarily make the corresponding animal's sound like 'Meow' (for a cat) and 'Wang' (for a dog). After the transformation, the person will turn back to normal in about 5 minutes.

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  • In the manga, the only animal forms the characters transformed into are:
    • Nobita Nobi, cat.
    • The guest (unnamed), horse, chicken (a rooster), monkey (possibly a chimpanzee instead) and frog.
    • Tamako Nobi, rabbit (or hare).
  • In an episode, this gadget has long-lasting version named Animal Biscuits Long-lasting Ver. (動物ビスケット効き目長持ちバージョン Dōbutsu bisuketto kikime nagamochi bājon) which has long-lasting effect after ate the biscuits.
  • In the manga publications and anime dubbing by Tora Aman (Malaysian manga publication company), the Animal Transformation Biscuit was known as:
    • "Biskut Bentuk Binatang" (literally 'Animal-Shaped Biscuits').
    • "Biskut Ubah Bentuk Badan" (literally 'Shapeshifting Biscuits' or 'Tranformation Biscuits').
  • In Turkish dub, it was known as:
    • Hayvana Dönüşme Bisküvileri ('Biscuits for changing into Animals').