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The Doraemon Gadgets can be seen in Doraemon Tentomusi Comics edition volume 11 

Time machine

Here is a list of Doraemon's Gadgets:

  1. Time machine.

Time machine allows people to travel through time. It is in the drawer of Nobita's desk.   

2. Take-copter

A compact device that allows the user to fly using a propeller. It has a suction cup on the bottom to be stuck on the head of the user.Nobita also keeps one in a storage,seen in several episodes like The Dictator Switch.


3. Anywhere Door

The user has only to think where they want to go and the door will lead to that place after opening the door. The place can also be seen by looking in the open door.

Dokodemo door

The Doko Demo Door.


 4. 4D Pocket.              

Doraemon has 2 pockets like these. One is always put on Doraemon's belly and they can hold an infinite amount of items. Doraemon uses these to keep all his gadgets. The other is kept somewhere near Doraemon's bed. The spare pocket can be used to take the objects from the one Doraemon usually uses and visa versa. Nobita sometimes steals the spare pocket.                                                                                       

5. Time Furoshiki (aka Time cloth)

This is a cloth which can reverse or hasten time for the object covered by it, depending on the side it is placed on. It has a blue and a red side with clock hands on each side and if kept blue side down, it reverses the time. If kept red side down, it hastens the time. 6. The Mecha-Maker The Mecha-Maker is a powerful Gadget that literally creates mecha machines all you have to do is put plastic and metal in the tube and put a drawing of a Mecha in its slot then it comes out the end and a Machine is made.


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