This comic will appear on the exam from the comics it's "Comic 3 Quiz". Quiz is five questions each. Now, I try to challenge you!!


  • Doraemon Plus: Quiz Volume 1 is a 1st Kessakusen carefully selected works of non-collecting ladybug Comics "Doraemon" in Volume 1 to 45 volumes. World of Doraemon spread even larger!
  • Doraemon Plus: Quiz Volume 2 is a 2nd Kessakusen of non-collecting ladybug Comics "Doraemon" in Volume 1 to 45 volumes! It's a big mistake lol masterpiece complete set this time. Recorded all 21 episodes.
  • DoraBase: Quiz Volume 1 Baseball is very popular in 22th century! Baseball team that play hero black Emon is still weak, but I advance per weapon and courage and efforts friendship!
  • DoraBase: Quiz Volume 2 Dorazu you won the large sporting events, I decided victory in the Beetle Cup (Cup) at last. But over the berth B (big) to the dome Cup (Cup), One day, two forces that Dorazu (Assistant of gong) 輔 led by Noriyuki Causeway is a hardball with "Larry Edogawa" to black people Emon It've been challenged!
    • ★ 1 ~ 8 volumes also on sale!

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