Doraemon (ドラえもん lit. "Doraemon") is a 1986 video game developed and published by Hudson Soft for the Nintendo Famicom exclusively in Japan. It is one of the earliest games featuring the Doraemon license, with Doraemon himself as the main character.

It was the tenth best selling Famicom game released in 1986, selling approximately 1,150,000 copies in its lifetime. Even though the game is completely playable by a player with no knowledge of Japanese, ROM translators Neokid and Sky Yoshi released two English translation patches for the game, both completely different.


The game is divided into three "worlds", each with a completely different play style. The first alternates between and overhead view and side-scrolling platformer, the second is a side-scrolling shooter, and the third is a side-scrolling swimming platformer.

The first world involves Doraemon traveling to a city and later a graveyard, on a mission to rescue Nobi Nobita from Bull-Robo, a large robot. Here, Doraemon can scout out three weapons: the Shock Gun, Air Cannon, and the Power Fan, each more powerful than the last. He can pick up Dorayaki to recover lost health.

The second world takes place inside a large cave, with the ultimate goal being to recover a giant heart from three monsters: the Ororon Rock, the Bauwanko (Big Robo) Ship, and finally Kentaurus, a creature resembling a bull dog's head. In this world, Doraemon can get assistance from Takeshi Gouda and Suneo Honekawa and collect the Small Light and Hinari Mantle to increase his firepower and protection respectively.

The third and final world is the ocean, where Shizuka Minamoto is held captive by Poseidon in the deepest part of the sea. Here, Doraemon must manage his inventory, consisting of the Pass Loop, a key, a Holding Bag, and the Talisman to navigate the undersea labyrinth.


Yukio Osato - Producer

Katsuhiro Nozawa - Story writer, director, and programmer

Takahashi Meijin - Screenplay writer

Jun Chikuma - Composer