Robot School's Seven Mysteries
230px-Robot School's Seven Mysteries
Film poster
ドラミ&ドラえもんズ ロボット学校七不思議!?
Genre Adventure
Anime television film
Directed by Yoshitomo Yonetani
Studio Shinei, Shogakukan
Network TV Asahi
Released March 2, 1996
Runtime 31 minutes

Robot School's Seven Mysteries (ドラミ&ドラえもんズ ロボット学校七不思議!??) is a Doraemon short film based in the school which Doraemon and other robots are trained in. It features the Doraemons and Dorami-chan.


In the story it is explained that it is time for Doraemon's younger sister - Dorami-chan to graduate from the Robot School. But a mysterious wind sucks Doraemon and the principal away. Dorami escapes, and finds Doraemon's Good Friend Telepathy Card. This is a device Doraemon uses to communicate with his friends—collectively known as The Doraemons.


In addition, the following characters can be seen during Dorami's graduation: Sewashi and his mother, Noramyako, Nobita, Shizuka, Suneo and Gian.


  • This short film marked the first time Dora the Kid became Dorami's love interest.



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