Fashion Virus is a gadget that resembles test tube containing microscopic dust (which can be referred as 'virus') inside it. It's function is to spread a new way of fashion, style and culture, which sometimes the usage can cause it to be called as 'viral'.


When a few drop of Fashion Virus is put into a petri dish, the 'experimenter' can say whatever things they want to add to the present fashion an alter it in a similar way of 'invocation'. The virus will then multiply and become abundant inside the petri dish. Afterwards, spreading the virus in the air will then make the virus spread and 'infects' any of the 'victims'. After the victim has been infested, they will immediately rush to change into the new "infectious" line of fashion.

The Fashion Virus is originally used for experimentation. Since fashion always changes from about the longest of between 10 years and the shortest of between 7 months, using it helps in research of trending and grossing ideas.

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  • The Fashion Virus is actually not a virus, it does not cause any illness whatsoever because it only increases the person's awareness to the current change(s) in fashion and trend.


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