Floating Scarf or Floating Veil is a gadget that resembles a tennin's hagoromo. The Floating Scarf allows its wearer to glide in the sky like a goddess. It was used by Shizuka in the manga chapter Robe of a Feather and also in the 2013 movie, Nobita's Secret Gadget Museum.


The Floating Scarf must be worn properly so that it may carry the wearer likewise. The typical method of wearing it by wrapping it around the shoulders and arm. The Floating Scarf will then make its wearer float, just like the goddess in the popular Noh play, Hagoromo. The Floating Scarf is incredibly light, so its flight pattern may be greatly affected by wind patterns. Unlike the Take-copter, the Floating Scarf doesn't consume battery.

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  • In the manga publications by Tora Aman (Malaysian manga publication company), the Floating Scarf was known as "Baju Layang" (literally 'Soaring Dress' or 'Gliding Dress'). The word "baju" is synonymous, as it may also mean "cloth", "shirt", "attire" and "tops".


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