The Guidance Angel or "Consultation Doll/Angel" (ミチビキエンゼル, Michibikienzeru, lit. "Guidance Angel") is gadget that resembles a hand puppet. It gives guidance to its wearer to choose the path in its own opinion. Its wearer cannot take it off, only other people may.

In the Japanese episodes, this gadget is voiced by Keiko Yokozawa and Mayumi Tanaka in the 1979 series and Yoshiko Kamei in the 2005 series. It was voiced by Wendee Lee in the English dub of the 2005 series.


The Guidance Angel offers guidance to their wearer. They always tells them the best thing to do, with the doll itself have the power to predict the future. Although its guidance always saves the wearer from danger or trouble, the doll can be a 'control freak'. For example, the good guidance it can give is when how to swing or to let the ball pass when Nobita is playing baseball. The other example is, the bad guidance that is tells Nobita to study instead of helping Doraemon find his lost screw.

The Guidance Angel is a good consultant, but it is a control freak. Because it can predict the future, it is often very snobbish about its knowledge. Its opinions are very selfish, only cares about the person's well being (in terms of success in life) instead of their morality.

Appears in

Appearance in Games

Nobita and the Green Giant Legend DS

The Guidance Angel is one of the "Aids (たすける) Gadgets" in the game. It cost only 1 Bell Point, the cheapest to use amongst the other. It shows the proper path for the player by pointing out the way. When an item is spotted, it will flies towards it, prompting the player to pick them up. If the player is ignoring it and/or going the other way around, the Guidance Angel will start hitting either Doraemon or Nobita angrily. Note that it does not deal damage to the either Nobita nor Doraemon.

Unlike in the series, the Guidance Angel in this games flies around, and only actives for a while.

The Guidance Angel is listed under number 55 out of 61 gadgets in the game.


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