The Helping Hat (タスケテぼう Tasukete Bō, lit. "Tasukete Stick") is a gadget that resembles a party hat which has a bit of a magician design. The hat allows its wearer to detect a person in trouble or dilemma so that they may assist them.


When the Helping Hat is worn on the hat, the ball on top acts like a antenna that detects the nearest person that is in trouble. The ball will 'protrudes' to its directly, somewhat pulling the wearer to the person in trouble.

Appears in


Appearance in games

Nobita and the Green Giant Legend DS

The Helping Hat is Shizuka's second gadget as an Assist Character. When used, Shizuka assume her 'Magical Girl Shizuru' persona, flying around Doraemon and Nobita occasionally attacking enemies with her syringe that turns them instantaneously into either Hearts(for current health), or Dorayaki(extra life). If the current character(either Doraemon or Nobita) fell down into a pit, Shizuka will save them by bringing them up. The player may control Shizuka carrying the current character for a few seconds, that is, until she lets go and she returns to the Secret Base screen.When saving the current character, Nobita or Doraemon is completely invulnerable.

When using this gadget, Shizuka cannot be dispatched via traps or pits because she is flying and virtually invulnerable. Practically, Shizuka used all three gadgets in the episode, the Inanimate Object Hypnotizing Megaphone, the Dress Up Camera and the Helping Hat itself.

The Helping Hat is listed under number 33 out of 61 gadgets in the game.


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