I Don't Like Shizuka-chan Being Like This!
Release date May 6, 2011
Japanese title こんなしずかちゃんイヤ!
English title I Don't Like Shizuka-chan Being Like This!
Season number 7
Episode number 287
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I Don't Like Shizuka-chan Being Like This! is an episode of the Doraemon 2005 anime.


It's Shizuka's birthday and she is stressed out with party preparations. To help her, Doraemon and Nobita make a "copy robot" of Shizuka to shop for the party while the real Shizuka goes to her piano lesson. However, it turns out that the copy-robot Shizuka suffers from wild mood swings each time something hits her on the head. Nobita and Doraemon finally get things under control, but then the copy robot turns on the real Shizuka and binds and ties her and locks her in the closet. It's up to Doraemon and Nobita to subdue the copy robot and rescue Shizuka.

Gadgets used


  • The song that both Shizuka play horribly on the viloin is a real song called, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.
  • Shizuka's chief animator, Hiroshi Maruyama, has reportedly called this one of the episodes he enjoyed animating the most.