Kobe Abe2
The Kobe Abe is a flute gadget. It completely turns around the action of a person to the opposite what their currently doing. The opposite action they would be forced to is often the last thing the person would do in their current situation.


The Kobe Abe is used by playing it in any way they can. When played, the sound sound produced will cause the person who hear it to do the opposite action of what they are currently doing. For example, when Doraemon played the Kobe Abe to Tamako Nobi when she was lecturing Nobita, she complimented Nobita for not listening to her instead.

In some cases, playing the Kobe Abe may either cause the person to voluntarily perform the opposite action, while some people may deny the action their doing, like when Doraemon was forcing Nobita to clean up his room.

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  • The name "Kobe Abe" is the reverse of "Abe Kobe"(あべ こべ), which means 'other way around' in Japanese.
    • The Kobe Abe, Abeko Cream and the Abekonbe's is the two gadgets that is based on the same phrase, "Abe Kobe".
  • In the manga publications and anime dubbing by Tora Aman (Malaysian manga publication company), the Kobe Abe was known as "Seruling Memperbalikkan Kejadian" (literally 'Event Rever sing Flute').