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Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Dog
Age: 21-22 (Looks around 10 years old)
Hair color: White
Skin color: White
Family & friends
Relatives: Brus, Chippo
Married: Spiana
Friends: Nobita Nobi, Doraemon, Suneo Honekawa, Shizuka Minamoto, Takeshi Gouda
Enemies: Daburanda
Nick name: Peko
Talent & personality
Talent: Swordsmanship
Favorite food: Sausage
Background infomation
First appeared: Nobita and the Haunts of Evil
The New Nobita's Great Demon ~Peko and the Exploration Party of 5~
Japanese Seiyū: Mari Shimizu (original movie)
Yu Kobayashi (remake movie)
Vietnamese VA: Đặng Hoàng Khuyết (remake movie)

...Nobita, let me ask: am I enough qualified to become a king? I can't protect anyone, my father, Spiana, Chippo's parents... people are suffering misery, and I only believe in legend is sudden or not. I am really useless...


Kuntakku (クンタック, alternative spelling: Kuntaq), also known as Peko (ペコ), is the dog prince of Bauwan. He only appears in the 1982 movie Nobita and the Haunts of Evil and the 2014 remake of the movie.

Kuntakku is voiced by Mari Shimizu in the original movie and Yu Kobayashi in the remake.


The coup led by Dafranda, he survived and wandered the human world. In the form of a white dog, Kuntakku had been a good sailor in foster care. When he died of plague in the African march, Kuntakku was sent to Japan and stayed there. Three years later, he met Nobita. The meeting took them to faraway Africa to stop the plotting attacks against the people of the clique. In the story, Kuntakku just introduced himself at the Heavy Smokers Forest. Kuntakku have a security context is laser photo therapy idols Bauwanko images.

Kuntakku is the 108th prince of the kingdom of Bauwanko. In the night of his marriage to Spiana, Daburanda poisoned the King to steal the throne. Daburanda accused him of his father's murder as there was poison in the cup of wine he gave as a gift to his father last year. Since then, Kuntakku has been suffering unjustly and being chased down. While battling Sarbel he slipped and fell into a lake running to downstream and was taken to the human world. In the form of a white dog, he went on freight trains between Africa and Japan. Thus began the journey of his wandering. In the meantime, he seems entirely like a normal dog to human.

During the time being a pet, he went to Nerima, Tokyo and met Nobita after a torrential rain that day and follow Nobita into his house. Then, knowing the Africa expedition plan of Nobita group, Kuntakku was adopted after helping his mother recovering the dropped bag. While Nobita and Doraemon went walking, he quickly found the satellite image of the god statue and both had found the land for expedition. During that journey, Kuntakku was always acting as a guide. When Gain gave up, he gave him the map showing the illusion of the god statue to urge him to continue the journey. Whereby the group escaped the claws of a lion on the savannah. When the group was close to the land of Bauwanko, Kuntaku finally revealed himself as a prince and the secret of the illusion of the god statue with the gem he was wearing on his neck.





Nobita appease Kuntaku

Nobita appease and mobilize Kuntakku

Among the main characters, He & Nobita has the strongest friendship. They started their friendship when Nobita gives Kuntakku a sausage. Kuntakku decided to use the gadget that Doraemon & Nobita used to find a mysterious place to go back to his kingdom as well as refraining Nobita to be bullied by Gian & Suneo.He save Nobita's life from the alligators as well as from the lions. Later, Kuntakku questions if he would be a great king but Nobita comforts and says that he will be a great king. After the managed to save Bauwanko Nobita bids farewell to Kuntakku by hugging him and say that whenever he's hungry, Nobita is always there to give him sausage & Kuntakku respond that he will definitely eat it.


Peko & Jaian 's dispute

Kuntakku and Gain argues

When Gian gives up on their adventure, Kuntakku makes him bring back by showing the Bauwanko Statue Hologram and gives the map to the Bauwanko (Which according to Suneo, uses Disposable Pen). When Gian thinks his companions blames him (Since he started the adventure, takes away all the gadgets & forgot about the boat), Kuntakku comforts him. In the middle of the movie, they almost died but survive while going to the Statue Kuntakku says sorry that he leads them in a Harsh situation and say that they must go home. Gian refuses to go home as Gian learns something from Kuntakku. When he will come with him , Kuntakku refuses which Gian gives him a punch. Upon biding farewell Kuntakku punches gently into his face making Gian smile.




Shizuka talking Kuntaku about bathroom

Shizuka taking Kuntakku about the bathroom

There is no interaction between Kuntakku & Shizuka but to fulfil Shizuka's promise, Kuntakku gives her a pool. But Kuntakku overdo it by sending a lot of servants to help Shizuka but she didn't want them serve her.




Manga and Movie (Original)

  • In manga, Kuntakku's clothes has a coat but in the movie isn't.
  • His tail is change from long to short.
  • In the movie, he had to wear clothes. In the manga, he was naked.
  • The events of Kuntakku dueling with Saberu and storming the guillotine Dafranda didn't happen in manga.
  • Also in the movie, he controlled the statue but in manga it moved by itself.

Original movie and Remake movie


  • Kuntakku is the best swordsman in Bauwan.
  • He's also known as Peko because he starved a long time.

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