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...I'm now the leader of The Young Space Knights troupe .I have to carry out my duty...
— Lian

Lian (リアン Rian) is the leader of The Young Space Knights troupe.


Lian. with Freya, Log, and Gorogoro, as The Young Space Knights troupe, are finding the planet to live, and they have found the MS3 planet or Earth. To survey the planet Lian send Freya to find out species living on earth. At Nobita's room when Nobita, Doraemon, and Shizuka lose the Star Crush Game Doraemon takes out the In-Room Spaceship to play. Unfortunately while Nobita is eating the juice he farts and press the button to make the whole house as in spaceship. Nobita's mom cuts up the watermelon and go upstair to give Nobita and Doraemon. She cannot balance herself and kick the watermelon tray that breaks the vase. The air in the house get sucked outside causing the ship in Star Crush Game getting broken. Gian and Suneo cannot go outside the game. The game box is also blown away. Mom is very mad with Nobita and Doraemon's pranks and tells them to tidy the room, and she throws the game away in the garbage dump. After tidying the room Nobita and friends are finding the game in the room and the garbage dump, but it is not there. Doraemon uses the Delay Camera to detect the game. Finally it is brought by the strange light to the UFO. Nobita has found the shining stone, that Lian had dropped before getting out. Doraemon uses the emergency spaceship to follow Lian's ship. After warp Lian and his troupe get struck by the space storm, and Doraemon's ship is completely destroyed and the stone is brighter. When Lian's ship gets out of the space storm Doraemon and friends are going inside Lian's ship and Gian and Suneo has come out. Five are finding the ship's owner (Lian) to ask him back but failed because Gian tells he was kidnapped, and Doraemon's Pass Loop is taken by him.

After that Log tells him the warp device has been broken, so they need to land on any planet to repair. The planet they lanned is full of rocky mountain and no water. Doraemon is about to use the Dokodemo Door to go back, but Gian tells him to have more adventure. At Lian side the warp device is completely broken that cannot be repared. He thinks the problem may come from he has lost the fruit of confidence. However, he is very happy as he gets the real plant according to his mom had told him she wished to live on the planet with trees.

Doraemon and friends get outside the ship and have found the dangerous creature on that planet, which are attacking them. During that they try using Dokodemo Door but not work because they are too far away from earth. They are escaping using Take-copter and have found those monsters attacking Lian's ship. Doraemon gets rid of them and convert the poisonous threads into silk. Lian asks them to board his ship and says that they have to go to "Milky Way Drifting Fleet," where they live because his planet has been abandoned, to repair the warp device. (or flying back around 108 million years to earth) Doraemon, Lian, and friends are flying to the Milky Way Drifting Fleet the next day and have a rest in the "Mirage Planet," which making Doraemon and friends mistake for the Earth.

After that they are lost in the Spaceship Graveyard where the Independence Army located. He has found his father is controlled by Moa, who wants to dominate the earth, where he has found because of Freya, Moa's spy. After he and friends are imprisoned and escape. Freya betrays Moa and go to the mother ship with Lian. Moa commands to capture them before reaching the mother ship, but failed.

Lian informs the council about the Independence Army ruleing the mother ship and invade the Earth, Nobita and friends' planet. The members have the two ways, escape or fight, so Mazura, the leader tells everyone to ask the god at Yugudo Tree. This tree gives the fruit that is like an amulet to kinght troupe. Lian asks the tree and his mom's spirit tells him to defeat Moa with his friends.

At the Independence Army base Moa commands Rebel to attack the mother ship, and the troupes and Nobita and friends strike back. During the fight Lian notices that there are numerous amount of ship, so Freya tells him to destroy the control tower. All the Independence Army's are wiped out so Moa commands Rebel to take over mother ship's control room. Doraemon, Nobita, Lian, and Freya get into the Moa's ship. Moa maneuvers Lian to come closer. All three tells him to stop and the fruit saves him. The Moa's ship is coneected with the control room and then Rebel shoots Moa. Unfortunately the mother ship will crash the Independence Army's planet because the control system is broken. Luckily Doraemon and friends can save the ship with Reverse Cloak. After that Moa is resurrect. (Actually it is a life form with no fixed shape and has gotten on Lian's ship before flying to save the mother ship.) Doraemon freezes him with the Coagulation Light and send to the black hole. At the end of the story he and his troupe take Nobita and friends back to Earth.


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