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There are a total of 63 Doraemon video games for most video game consoles in Japan.

Arcadia 2001

Cover Title Release
Doraemon Arcadia 2001 Doraemon 1983

Super Cassette Vision

Cover Title Release
80630 Doraemon Nobita's Time Machine the Great Adventure 1985


Cover Title Release
Doraemon (Famicom) Doraemon December 12, 1986
174000760 Doraemon: Giga Zombie no Gyakushū September 14, 1990

Super Famicom

Cover Title Release
Nobita and the Country of Fairies - Game cover Doraemon: Nobita And The Country Of Fairies February 19, 1993
Doraemon nobita and the crisis in toyland cover Doraemon 2: Nobita And The Crisis In Toyland December 19, 1993
167000842 Doraemon 3: Nobita And The Jewel Of Time December 16, 1994
179000150 Doraemon 4: Nobita in the Moon Kingdom December 15, 1995

Nintendo 64

Cover Title Release
Doraemon 64 Doraemon: Nobita to Mittsu no Seireiseki March 21, 1997
147000431 Doraemon 2: Nobita and the Temple of Light December 11, 1998
147000182 Doraemon 3: Nobita no Machi SOS! July 28, 2000

Nintendo Gamecube

Cover Title Release
34403-Doraemon-Minna-de-Asobou-Miniland Doraemon: Minna de Asobō! Minidorando July 18, 2003

Game Boy

Cover Title Release
GB18-DMG-DEJ-01 Doraemon - Taiketsu Himitsu Dogu!! March 1, 1991
71JYvWR6P2L. SX522 Doraemon 2 - Animal Wakusei Densetsu December 19, 1992
306468 front Doraemon Kart March, 20, 1998
Shenyong6345 022 Doraemon no Game Boy de Asobouyo: Deluxe 10 November 27, 1998

Game Boy Color

Cover Title Release
1687743-close Doraemon Kart 2 March 12, 1999
1687748-165000863 Doraemon: Aruke Aruke Labyrinth July 23, 1999
1687751-00320460013 Doraemon Memories: Nobi Dai no Omoi Izaru Daibouken March 10, 2000
Quiz Boy Doraemon no Quiz Boy April 28, 2000
42101 front Doraemon no Study Boy: Kuku Game December 20, 2000
42109 front Doraemon no Study Boy: Gakushuu Kanji Game January 12, 2001
165002060 Doraemon Kimi to Pet no Monogatari March 16, 2001
165001184 Doraemon no Quiz Boy 2 October 4, 2002
4510347060255 1L Doraemon no Study Boy: Kanji Yomikaki Master July 18, 2003

Virtual Boy

Game Boy Advance

Cover Title Release
0072 Doraemon: Green Planet: The Pounding Great Rescue! April 27, 2001
28474 front Doraemon Board Game May 29, 2002

Nintendo DS


Cover Title Release
61p9eQPc GL Doraemon Wii: Secret Tool King Tournament December 6, 2007

Sega Mega Drive

Cover Title Release
220228-doraemon-yume-dorobo-to-7-nin-no-gozans-gen Doraemon: Yume Dorobou to 7 Nin no Gozans March 26, 1993

Sega Saturn

Cover Title Release
51QY3kj4dML Doraemon: Nobi Futo to Fukkatsu no Hoshi March 15, 1996


Game Gear


TurboGrafx 16

Cover Title Release
51648 front Doraemon: Meikyū Daisakusen October 31, 1989
231219-doraemon-nobita-no-dorabian-night-turbograf Doraemon Nobita no Dorabian Nights May 29, 1992

TurboGrafx CD

Cover Title Release
149681-Doraemon - Nobita no Dorabian Night (NTSC-J)-1459132592 Doraemon Nobita No Dorabian Nights May 29, 1992


Cover Title Release
69067e1e0bfb5e3df85defda64305066e2f623d5 hq Doraemon Yuujou Densetsu April 7, 1995

WonderSwan Color

Cover Title Release
Shenyong6345 035 Pocket no Chuu no Doraemon May 24, 2001

Microsoft Windows/Xbox 360

Sega Pico

Advanced Pico Beena



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