The Lying Beak is a gadget that is used in an episode and manga chapter in which Nobita bragged about his dad and told Suneo and Gian that his dad can break a big rock into pieces. This gadget makes the user's lies true.


The user lies about a thing, then it becomes true. The user has to say it is a lie to off the effect.


  • It can also be called 'This Lie İs True' Beak.
  • In the 1979 anime, the beak is colored green instead of yellow.
  • In the manga publications by Tora Aman (Malaysian manga publication company), the Lying Machine is known as "Mulut Kelembai" (literally "Kelembai's Mouth"). 'Kelembai '(locally known as "Sang Kelembai") is a supernatural creature that resembles a giant which was believed existed in the Nusantara before the spreading of Islamic teachings. Kelembai was known to always fretting of his life, he always curses and condemns all the things he saw. Kelembai was not originally a monster, but a very unfortunate human.
    • Despite this, on the content page of the manga publication, the gadget is known as "Mulut Benar dan Palsu", which literally means "Truth and Fake Mouth". The word "Mulut" is rather synonymous, which can also mean "beak".
  • In the American English dub of the 2005 anime, it is now called the TruthBeaker.

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