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Lying Mirror (うそつきかがみ Usotsuki Kagami) is a gadget used in the Doraemon series. Originally, Doraemon plans to hide it because of it possesses no good quality but was forced to let Tamako borrow it because Nobita broke the mirror in the living room because of bowling ball (manga and 1979 anime) or accident (1973 anime and 2005 anime). It was subsequently stolen by Nobita and used by the gang.


Nobita, Shizuka, Gian & Suneo getting fooled by the Lying Mirror


The gadget allows the user to see themselves "more beautifully" or "more ugly". Apart from that, the mirror itself will often play tricks on the viewer to make their own face look weird.

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  • The gadget is more or less based on the Magic Mirror from Snow White. Instead of telling the truth, the mirror is a deceiving liar that always takes its exaggeration too far.
  • When Lying Mirror tells the Nobita on mirror is real looking one near to end, it is weird face of Nobita in anime and corrupted version of Nobita in manga.
  • In the 1973 anime, the Lying Mirror's name was Flattering Mirror (お世辞鏡 Oseji Kagami) and instead of using the same mirror to make Nobita "see his true face", there was another mirror, the Fake Mirror (けなし鏡 Kenashi-kyō), that had the function of make the user appear ugly.