Magic Belly is a gadget used in the episode, Cartoonist Jaiko.


This gadget can be used with two users. First, one of the users places the red "belly button" on another user. With a simple swipe of the console, he or she can make the other laugh uncontrollably. The harder the swipe and the more the swipe, the harder the laugh and the more the laugh.

Appears in


Console User
Belly button user
Doraemon Nobita Doraemon uses the Magic Belly on Nobita to demonstrate the use of the gadget. Later, while going out, Doraemon accidentally drops the console and wipe it, only to make Nobita laugh when he heard that a burglar had occurred in a neighbour's house. Afterwards, he tests if the gadget is functioning when he watches Nobita from above, only to make Nobita faint from over-laughing.
Shizuka Suneo Shizuka is curious when she finds an object on the ground. She rubs the object, just as Suneo is reading Jaiko's comic at the open lot. He laughs at the sad manga, and ends up being beaten up by Gian for upsetting Jaiko.


For the 1979 anime entitled The Magic Belly, a cat used the console and made Suneo laugh, whereas Shizuka does so in the 2005 anime entitled Cartoonist Jaiko.