Hi passerby! I just want to say that: I already ceased my rights as an admin here.
The contents are in my latest blog. (lol no one is actually looking it though)
Also, I will not using this account afterwards.
Please head over here, if you want to leave me a message, since I will never look in this account anymore. I disconnect the notifications of this account on G-mail.

Have a great day and happy editing~

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  • Please open back up the old thread! I really want to comment on it!! :(

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  • What do you think about character template like this?

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  • Hi,I'm sending this to a bunch of active wikia users. It's not spam, I just want to suggest the Discord to the people on here. If you don't know what it is, it's a site/app for live chats. It has lots of people, including myself. So please consider it.

    (I apologize if u already joined and have a diff username)  

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  • I am currently making a small 2D platformer and created a doraemon character. I need know about the copyright statements on it. Can I use that chracter and game publicly? If you want I can show the character too.Is it the right place?

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    • How to add a image in an article?? Please help me out What we have to do

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    • First upload the image.


      • To add an image, type:
      [[File:<filename>|<size of image>px|thumb]]


      [[File:Sabu 2005 anime.png|150px|thumb]]
      • If you add an image to an infobox, type the filename of the image (Ex: Sabu 2005 anime.png etc.)
      {{Characters infobox/Draft
      |Name = Sabu
      |Image = Sabu 2005 anime.png
      |Birthdate= 22nd century
      |Gender = Male
      |Species = Human
      |Age = Old
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