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Mini Pet - a Lion
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Release date June 12, 1980
Japanese title ミニペットライオン
Season number 02
Episode number 361
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Mini Pet - a Lion is an episode from the Doraemon 1979 anime.


Nobita, Gian and Suneo are all in awe of a huge dog called Chibi, belonging to a boy in the neighbourhood. Chibi is apparently very ferocious and attacks anyone who threatens his master, so naturally Nobita gets a longing for a strong bodygaurd pet. He consults Doraemon and asks for a pet lion. After a lot of persuasion Doraemon agrees. They catch a lion from Africa, make it tiny with the small light and hide it in Nobita's attic. However, later, Nobita realises that the lion doesn't belong in the city and is missing its home in Africa. They decide to do the right thing and send the lion back.


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