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Moa, or better known as Angolmois is the antagonist of the movie, Nobita's Adventure: Drifts in the Universe. He is a powerful, corrokinetic entity that is responsible for the conflict in the movie including turning Lian's father evil.



Moa's nature and what kind of it was is a mystery. He first appeared as a mysterious hooded creature with black cape whom visage obscured by shadow with except of glowing red eyes. When Commander Liebert resisted Moa's influence long enough to successfully blast Moa, Moa was revealed to be skeletal-looking robot, much to everyone's confusion.

However, it's later revealed that Moa managed to escape death as the skeletal robot was merely a husk, as following the downfall of his forces, he formed a crude body out of Freya's collection of objects from Earth to kill Doraemon and co. in revenge. During the brief chase however, its crude body proved too large for the corridors of Rian's ship that it ultimately forced to shed it away, revealing its true form as light green slime that immediately freezed by Doraemon and sent to a black hole to prevent more harm.

In manga, Doraemon proposed Moa as amalgamation of spitefulness within everyone's heart that somehow given physical form as slime-like entity following discovery of Moa neither a robot nor extraterrestrial lifeform to begin with. This idea supported with the claim of the spirit of Lian's mother who explained the testament of Moa's supernatural ability to corrupt Liebert alongside his loyal troops and Freya (temporarily). By this, it safe to assume that instead of outer space, Moa instead came from dimension within living beings' consciousness.


  • Since the movie was created as parody of Star Wars, Moa is inspired by Chancellor Palpatine. Like Palpatine, Moa can be considered as evil incarnate in that story, has corrupted one of protagonist's father (in this case, Commander Liebert whom happened to be Lian's father) and mostly seen as hooded figure with immense powers.
    • However, the major difference between Palpatine and Moa is Palpatine used to be a human whom corrupted by his own dark powers whereas Moa is grand manifestation of sentient being's negative emotions.
  • He is similar to Agahnim, a main antagonist from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.
  • In terms of true nature and origin, Moa is extremely similar to Erebus and Shadows from Shin Megami Tensei's Persona series, The Negativitron from Little Big Planet 2 , The Nothing from The Neverending Story, and the Orb of Caldea from Marchen Awakens Romance series. All of them are amalgamation of negative emotion within all sentient in universe that given physical form and very dangerous because of their nature.


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