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Mona Marshall
Mona M. Iannotti
Mona marshall
Alias: Sally Evans
Michelle Mora
Mikie Morgan
Miki Moran
Age: 68
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 31, 1947
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Nationality: American
Occupation: Voice Actress
Years Active: 1972 - Present
Notable Work/s in Doraemon: Doraemon (English Dub)
Mona Marshall (born 1947) is an American voice actress who voices Doraemon in the English version of the 2005 anime.


She studied acting under the guidance of Daws Butler.

She is often cast in the roles of young male characters. Her roles have included parts in not only Japanese anime, but also in American animated TV series and several animated feature films.

Other notable roles

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