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N-S Badges
NS Badges Episode
Release date December 9, 2005
Japanese title N・Sワッペン (Enu·Esu Wappen)
English title N-S Badges
Season number 1 (2005 anime)
Episode number 28 (2005 anime)
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N-S Badges is an episode from the 2005 anime.


Gian shares his discovery about magnetic properties to Nobita, Shizuka and Suneo. He is mocked by Nobita, and he chases after him enraged. He threatens to attack Nobita every time he sees him. Nobita laments with Doraemon, who helps him by giving him N-S Badges that corresponds in the similar manner with magnets. Nobisuke and Tamako (Papa and Mama) are attached to the N badges, and, unbeknownst to them, Doraemon claims Papa has called for Mama in order to present the magnetic properties. Mama approaches Papa, and they are surprised by the sudden turn of events.

Doraemon attaches S on Nobita, and proceeds outside to attach S on Gian such that both of them will not meet each other. Suneo meets Nobita walking along the streets with gusto, and tells Gian his whereabouts. Gian rushes to attack Nobita, who is shocked to learn Doraemon had not attached the badge on him. He attaches it in time so that Nobita could avoid Gian's attacks.

Nobita borrows more badges from Doraemon with the lustful and perverted intention of attaching an N badge to Shizuka. Outside Shizuka's house, Nobita prepares to attach it on Shizuka when Gian captures him with a rope, trying to defy the physics of magnetism to attack Nobita. The rope breaks, and sends Gian flying up the sky. Nobita finds Shizuka and accidentally attaches the S badge on her instead, sending her jumping when Nobita chases after her. Nobita replaces the S badge with an N badge and goes after Shizuka, and ends up being attracted to an unconscious Gian unexpectedly.


Gadget used


  • Doraemon is able to replace Tamako's badge easily. However, Nobita is unable to tear off the S badge and has to take off his shirt to attach the N badge on his singlet.


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