N-S Crest is a pair of gadgets that resemble badges with the letter N or S on it. It corresponds in the similar manner a magnet is for one person wearing them with another person that is also wearing them.


When two persons wears the same Crest (either N or S), they will repel each other, just like how magnets works. While if one person wears the N Crest while the other wears the S Crest, they'll be attracted to each other. Simply put, the Crest itself cause the person to become a magnetic pole themselves (theoretically speaking).

Appears in


User A
User B
N-S Badges Nobisuke Tamako To demonstrate the gadgets' use, Doraemon secretly attaches N on Tamako and N on Nobisuke. He later claims Papa has called for Mama, and they repel each other when she tries to approach him.
Nobisuke Tamako Doraemon and Nobita see them quarreling, and Doraemon replaces Tamako's badge with a S, causing Tamako and Nobisuke to bump into each other.
Nobita Gian Gian approaches Nobita with a S, who is shocked to learn Doraemon had not attached the badge on him. He attaches it in time so that Nobita could avoid Gian's attacks.
Later, Nobita tries to attract himself to Shizuka with an N, but eventually Gian captures him with a rope and tries to defy the physics of magnetism to attack Nobita. The rope breaks, and sends Gian flying up the sky.
Nobita Shizuka Nobita finds Shizuka and accidentally attaches S on her, sending her jumping when Nobita chases after her.
Nobita Gian To attract Shizuka to his side, Nobita replaces his badge with an N, but this time, he ends up being attracted to an unconscious Gian unexpectedly.


  • Doraemon is able to replace Tamako's badge easily. However, Nobita is unable to tear off the S badge and has to take off his shirt to attach the N badge on his singlet.
  • In 1979 anime, N badge is blue and S badge is red.
  • In Nobita and the new Steel Troops Angel Wings the gadget was seen as Guns.

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