ニムゲ Nimuge


Character information
Status: Alive
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Habitat: Moon of the Animal Planet
Career: Leader of the Cockroach Gang
Team: Cockroach Gang
Personality: Evil, Ambitious
Physical characteristics
Hair color: Red
Skin color: Fair
Enemies: Doraemon and friends, Animals and Federal Police
Background information
First appeared: Doraemon: Nobita and the Animal Planet
Japanese seiyū: Tatsuji Mori

Nimuge is the main antagonist of Doraemon: Nobita and the Animal Planet.


Nimuge troop are the human in the red planet near the Animal Planet. In the past around ten thousands of years ago the animal's ancestors lived together with Nimuge in that planet and were harassing by them. The god, who is the scientist, was pity so he took the star ship to the planet nearby and grew plants and made that planet livable. On New Year's Eve he blew the "Sleep Flute" to make all Nimuge sleep, then he connected both planets with the "Stairway of Light." (the pink mist)

One of the Nimuge Clan have seen the animal planet, which is very beautiful. The next day they attack the animals to conquer that planet. Nobita and friends get the phone from Chippo that Nimuge attack them. Nobita would like to save the animals but no pink gas left. Fortunately the bluebell Nobita collected from that planet has been modified to be the bookmark, so all five takes the Emergency Spaceship to visit the Animal Planet, but too late. Nimuge destroys the partial of the city. Five of them are searching Chippo in the city. Chippo tells five that morning there are some saucers dropped the bombs as a downpour. After a bit Nimuge fly back to their planet and kidnapped Romi.

Nobita and friends are following Nimuge, but the ship goes back to the planet and fall into the river. (In Manga the ship is shot by Nimuge.) All are facing the forbidden forest and meet burgers. At night Nobita and friends are finding the Star Ship. Doraemon gives Nobita the Lucky Moon to make him very good luck for three hours. After finding the Star Ship Gian pushes Nobita down to the ship; suddenly it flies to the Nimuge's planet. Nobita can save Romi and go back to the planet in three hours.

The next day Doraemon and the burgers are preparing and fight with Nimuge. However, at last the boss commands to burn the forest (using a few saucers in movie and the giant tank in Manga.) Doraemon uses the mini rain clouds to extinguish fire (in Manga the Federal Police do instead.) and all of Nimuge Clan are arrested.