Nobita, the Rain Man (のび太は雨男 Nobita Ha Ame Otoko) is an episode from the Doraemon 1973 anime.


The excursion of Nobita's class is always rainy. "We surely have an rain guy in our class!" said Suneo. Nobita has been made a rain man. He asked Doraemon about the excursion. At the excursion, the sky became cloudy and the clouds turned doubtful. Doraemon uses the Rain Sucking Ring to suck all the raindrops in the sky, to concentrate on Suneo's head. "No, it was Suneo the rain guy!" said Nobita. Everyone laughed at Suneo, that was soaking wet.


Gadgets used

  • Rain Sucking Ring

Script fragment

Doraemon: Sahara Desert, Himalaya!
Nobita: (surprised) The place where I want to go is Green Mountain
Doramon: (not meaning) What about Spain?
They ridiculously got out of the room in a beef castle (spanish?) style
Nobita: (surprised) I want to go to the Green Mountain
Doraemon: America!
They disappear quickly and appear in Indian style
Nobita: Green Mountain!
They disappear quickly and appear in Hula style
Nobita: Green Mountain!
Doraemon: Ah, yes, North Pole
They appear in Eskimo style
Nobita: (angry) Green Mountain!
Doraemon: I did it wrong
Nobita got angry...
And jump with a bamboo copter


  • Like Rats Are As Weak As Cats, Duel! Nobita and Gian and The Mystery of the Haunted House, this episode was never remade again in later animes.
  • This episode is based on a old manga chapter where Gatchako appears. Since she didn't appeared until eight episodes later, her role was replaced with Doraemon.
  • According to an affirmation below the plot of this episode there was a scene (the image of the infobox) where Doraemon flied with Nobita in arms to Hokkaido. In the original manga chapter, Gatchako did it instead of Doraemon.