The Open Lot as seen in Doraemon: Nobita and the Steel Troop.


The Open Lot in the 1973 anime


The Open Lot in the 2005 anime

The Open Lot is one of the recurring locations in Doraemon series. It majorly appears in many of the manga chapters, episodes, and feature fims. It is a plain lot with three stacked concrete culverts, sometimes with several planks, a large tree, some bushes and several pipes on the left. Looking at the grasses and the tree at the lot, the Open Lot looks like it hasn't been owned for some time now, although sometimes construction equipment will be placed here temporarily.

This place is an iconic location through out the series as the place where the gang often gather together, as well as the location for Gian's (deadly) concert. Kaminari's house is located on the right side of the area which the boys often throw a ball into his house (and break his window).


  • In the 1973 version, it was a more larger.
  • In the manga publications and anime dubbing by Tora Aman (Malaysian manga publication company), the Open Lot has always been known as "Tanah Lapang" (literally "Open Land", "Terrain", "Wide Field").
  • The English dub of the 2005 anime refers to the Open Lot as the Empty Lot.
  • In the 1979 anime series the open lot has two entrances.
  • In the Hindi dub of the anime, the Open Lot is usually known as the Playground, simply Ground, or sometimes Khaali Medaan ("Empty Field"). The concrete culverts there are referred to as the Concrete Pipes in Hindi.
    • In the Tamil Dub, they call it Ghaali Ground but it is also simply called Ground.


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