The Peko Peko Grasshopper is a gadget that resembles a robotic grasshopper. The grasshopper causes the person it sticks on to grovel for an apology.


The Peko Peko Grasshopper will jump into a person's nose to the point of where the target will eventually cry and beg for forgiveness. It may also cause them to be extremely repentful, wishing to forget their past sins and wrongs.

The Peko Peko Grasshopper may be distracted out by forcing the host person sneeze it out (generally with Black Pepper).

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  • "Peko Peko"(ペコペコ) means "Grovel" in Japanese.
  • In the manga publications by Tora Aman(Malaysian manga publication company), the 'Grasshopper' part was known as "Kutu" (literally 'Flea') instead.

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