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スピカ女王 Supika Joō
Character information
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Around mid 20
Nationality: Kousai
Habitat: Kousai Kingdom
Career: Queen of Kousai Kingdom
Personality: Cold, Imposing, Warmth, Kind
Physical characteristics
Hair color: Black
Skin color: Fair
Friends: Dora Med III (love interest)
Background information

Queen Supika (スピカ女王) or Queen Spica is the queen of Kingdom of Brilliance, the most beautiful kingdom on the Silk Road. She appeared in The Doraemon Special Volume 8. She is also Doramed's love interest.



Supika pleads The Doraemons to save her kingdom.

Eight hundred years ago, Supika ruled the Kingdom of Brilliance, the most beautiful and richest kingdom in the Silk Road. Due to the kingdom's beauty and wealth, it was targeted by other rival kingdoms. To protect the kingdom, the high priest used black magic to conceal the land from enemies. However, the black magic overpowered the priest and killed him, transported the kingdom to the fourth dimension and sealed them inside for eight centuries. 

During this time, she was forced to sacrifice those who come to the kingdom during every full moon to the giant antlion-like creature to halt the destruction. She however, let one of the sacrifices escaped in order to find the Brave Ones to save the kingdom from the beast.


Eight Centeries later, the kingdom has an unexpect visitors; Doraemon and the gangs along with Nobita. She became anxious when Doramed attempted to show his Holographic Bottle to her and ordered her servants to separate Nobita from the rest and prepare a feast for him, intending to use him as the sacrifice at the pit in the temple. However, Nobita manages to notice the skulls and bones inside the pit and attempts to escape, forcing Supika to push him down into the pit. Doraemon and the rest managed to escape the prison and rescue Nobita in time, caused the beast to go berserk from losing its prey and eventually escaped. 

The gang became angry at Supika for action, caused her to reveal that she didn't want to sacrifice anyone but had no choice in order to protect her kingdom from the beast. With the gang assured Supika that they wanted to help her, the Queen took them to the sealed temple where the God of the land presided and revealed the history of the kingdom to them. On the way to the inner area, the group was attacked by several giant bats mutated by black magic. One of the bats attacked Supika but she was shielded by Doramed. She was later shocked and surprised when he requested a reward for saving the kingdom: her smile. After Doramed easily defeated the giant bats with Sound-Draining Machine, Supika began to believe that the gang may be the Brave Ones that she longed for.

In the inner sanctum, Supika showed the gang the highest god of her kingdom: Atomu, which was actually a Nuclear Power Generator, and the reason that the kingdom was trapped in the Fourth Dimension in the first place. Wandora revealed her that black magic curse that befalled her kingdom was in fact a nuclear leak which caused the high priest's death. and mutated many animals into monstrous beasts. As they're discussing, the Antlion Beast returned to wreck havoc upon the city.


Supika is strucked by Wandora's revelation.

However as they're leaving through the portal, the rose that Supika has been holding begins to wilt. Wandora quickly realizes that because the kingdom has been trapped in the Fourth Dimension for more than 800 years, as soon as it returns to the Third Dimension everything in the kingdom will have to inevitably age 800 years due to time discrepancy. Which means Supika will die the moment that she crosses the passage to the outside world.

Supika confesses her love to Doramed.

Hearing this, the queen realizes that neither her nor her people will be able to return to the outside world again. Wandora then tells them that it's time to say farewell but Dora Med refuses and told the gang that he'll stay with Supika as he doesn't want to be separated from her. Knowing that Dora Med's place is to be with his friends, she pretended to act coldly and refused and told him that a mere robot like him doesn't deserve to be here. She then give him a jar with a miniature hologram of herself to him. She then asked him that when there is a full moon mirage in the desert, please remember her. Dora Med, however, tearfully reminded her that she haven't give him her smile yet. Hearing this, Supika wholeheartedly confessed to Dora Med that she loves him too. After the gang reached the present time. Wandora told Dora Med that if Queen Supika reciprocate his feelings then she must be kissing the flower and she did it as smiled caused Dora Med to be really happy.


  • Supika might be named after Spica, the brightest star in the Virgo Constellation.


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