Rats are as Weak as Cats (ねずみに弱い猫もある Nezumi ni Yowai Neko mo Aru) is an episode from the Doraemon 1973 anime.


"It will be fun if you can ride" says Nobita about a battery-powered tank toy. "Well, let's ride" replies Doraemon and takes the Gulliver Beam Light that can make a person big and small. He reduced Nobita so he can ride the tank, but at the same time big rats started to appear at home. And actually, Doraemon hates rats, but they decided to get rid of rats in the tank. However, Nobita accidentally used the Big Ray on the rats and they become of a human size. Then, an irritated Mom catched the rat and returned it again to its original size using the Small Ray.


Gadgets used




  • This episode was originally the eight. It was later changed to the seventh.
  • An auction of the script of this episode can be found in Mandarake Auction. It contains in the product preview a screenshot of it.
  • To the date, this episode was never remade again.

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