Sachiko Chijimatsu
末常 幸子
Alias: Sachiko Chijimatsu
千々松 幸子
Age: 77
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 30, 1937
Birthplace: Fukuoka Perfecture
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Seiyū
Years Active: 1960's-Present
Notable Work/s in Doraemon: Tamako Nobi (1979 anime)
Sachiko Chijimatsu (千々松 幸子 Chijimatsu Sachiko), born November 30, 1937, is a veteran seiyū from Fukuoka, Japan. Her real name is Sachiko Suetsune (末常 幸子 Suetsune Sachiko).

She was the original voice of Tamako in the TV Asahi anime. She was replaced by Kotono Mitsuishi after the 2005 cast change.

Other Notable Roles

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