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Michiko Minamoto
Character Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: Around 30s
Hair color: Brown (1979 anime)
Black (manga and 2005 anime)
Skin color: Light-Peach
Nationality: Japanese
Habitat: Tokyo
Family & friends
Married: Yoshio Minamoto
Children: Shizuka Minamoto
Friends: Tamako Nobi, Mrs. Honekawa, Mrs. Gouda
Talent & personality
Personality: Kind, Strict, Caring mother
Interest: Make sure Shizuka gets good grade and grows up into proper lady.
Career: Housewife
Background infomation
Japanese Seiyū: Keiko Yokozawa (1979-1981)
Masako Matsubara (August 1981-2005)
Ai Orikasa (2005-present)
English VA: Wendee Lee
Other language cast: Simran Kaur (Hindi)
Farhana Ashrafi (Bengali)

Shizuka's mother is a very kind woman. She is very affectionate to Shizuka and her friends. She appears in many episodes in the series.

Her name possibly is revealed to be Michiko from the episode in which Nobita and Doraemon went to the past to see young Tamako. She gave Tamako a novel named "Long Legged Gentleman" as a gift before she moved away.

In the Doraemons Special, it is revealed that she was once a successful violinist and has been with her future husband since high school. She had a remarkable resemblance to her future daughter. She has also been a good friend of Tamako since then.

She has an artist father, who is the maternal grandfather of Shizuka.



A young Mrs.Minamoto with her future husband as seen in the Doraemons Special.

Shizuka-chan's mother had dark brown hair and black eyes in the 1979 anime. Her hair is usually tied up in a bun. In 2005 anime, she has soft black hair as well as the usual dark eyes. Her hair is now slightly longer.


She's kind, but can also be quite exigent on Shizuka sometimes. In one episode, she locked Shizuka outside for comin home very late at night.



  • It is stated many times by other people in Doraemon that Shizuka got her beauty from her mother.
  • It is shown that she doesn't see Suneo's or Gian's mother much.
  • Although she sometimes scolds Shizuka, she never hits or spanks her.
  • She has the same Hindi voice actor as Nobita

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