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Shizuka Minamoto
Mhlql1v97rl00l9 Shizuka Minamoto
Character Infomation
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 9
Birthdate: 8 May (Taurus)
Nationality: Japanese
Habitat: Tokyo
Family & friends
Parents: Ms. Minamoto (mother)
Yoshio Minamoto (father)
Pet: Canary bird

Dog named Pero (as seen in Chapter 52: Live Again, Pero!)

Friends: Nobita, Doraemon, Gian, Dekisugi, Suneo
Talent & personality
Interest: Bathing, Cooking
Background infomation
Japanese Seiyū: Masako Ebisu (1973)

Michiko Nomura (1979~March, 2005) Sakuma Rei (2000) Yumi Kakazu (2005~)

Vietnamese cast: Ngọc Châu

Shizuka Minamoto (源 静香), born 8 May 2001, is one of the main characters in the series, being the main female character.


Shizuka-chan (静香ちゃん) is a smart and kind neighborhood girl. She is unlike Nobita: being quick and very good at studying. Shizuka takes baths several times a day due to it being her passion.

She cares for weaker people and neglected dolls. She wishes to be a nurse, or an airhostess when she grows up. The jobs all reflect her kind nature.

She is also known for taking piano lessons so she can refuse to hang out with Nobita. Her true passions are sweet potatoes and the violin, in which her playing is as atrocious as Gian's singing.

Shizuka has a split personality. There are scenes that show her sleeping and eating at the same time, stealing her mom's lipstick for her to play with, and slipping over a banana peel.

Family membersEdit

Shizuka's mother is a kind woman. Shizuka's father appeared in only a few episodes, so not much is known about him. Shizuka's mother is shown in a few episodes telling Shizuka to have a bath or eat or go to her piano lessons.


  • Nobita - She loves Nobita more than any of her friends, but she gets angry when he looks at her bathing. She will marry him in the future, and their child's name will be Nobisuke Nobi.
  • Gian - Shizuka and Gian are friends, but Shizuka gets worried when Gian invites her to his music concerts along with her other friends.
  • Suneo - Suneo and Shizuka are very good friends. He invites Shizuka, Nobita, Gian, and sometimes Doraemon to his house and tries to ask them to come with him at trip (in which Nobita rarely gets a chance to come with them).
  • Doraemon - Shizuka often invites Doraemon and Nobita to taste the cakes and cookies she made, which taste very good. Sometimes she ask Doraemon to borrow his gadgets, which he happily agrees to do so.


  • Whenever she is described or dresses up as a bird, she is always a swan, which represents her beauty.
  • Shizuka resembles Yumeko from Ninja Hattori-kun and Meyoko from Kiteretsu.
  • In the orginal manga, Shizuka had black hair, but in the 1973 and 1979 anime, her hair was brown, her hair was changed back to black in the 2005 anime.
  • She likes Nobita, and he likes her too.
  • Shizuka (しずか, シズカ?) is a Japanese word meaning "quiet" or "calm" (静か?). It is also a Japanese given name, which is probably why Shizuka is calm,quite and beautiful.(Also Dekisugi made a joke about it in one episode.)
  • Her counterpart in Mirror World is tomboyish and rude.
  • In the early episodes of the 1979 anime, Shizuka adresses Nobita as "Nobita-kun" instead of "Nobita-san" 
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