Shun Yashiro
木 基弘
Alias: Shun Yashiro
Motohiro Suzuki
Tetsuya Yashiro
矢代 哲也
Kazuo Yashiro
矢代 和雄
Gender: Male
Height: 170cm
Birthday: February 19, 1933
Birthplace: Tsuyama, Okayama, Japan
Died: June 25, 2003 (aged 70)-Stroke
Nationality: Japanese
Blood-Type: A
Occupation: Seiyū
Years Active: 1960-2003
Notable Work/s in Doraemon: Suneo Honekawa (1973 anime)
Shun Yashiro (February 19 1933 - June 25 2003) was a Japanese Seiyū, he was the voice of Suneo in the Doraemon (1973 anime) as well the Doraemon frachise's first voice actor for Suneo.

Other roles


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