Small Light, known as the Shrink Ray in the English dub, is a lamp similar to a flashlight. Its opposite is the Big Light, which enlarges objects and people. Another tool that is used in a similar capacity is the Gulliver Tunnel, which causes a person to grow or shrink depending on which entrance he takes; however, its ratio of shrinking and enlarging is fixed.


It has ability to shrink objects and people to minuscule sizes.

Appears in


  • It has many different shapes and re-colors in games.
  • It is generally Shizuka's main weapon in games.
  • Dorami's Small Light is in a different color and has a flower shaped rim.
  • In early Daichohen Doraemon, Small Light and Big Light has the same design.
  • In the American English dub of the 2005 anime, it is renamed to Shrink Ray.
  • In the Turkish dub, it is named "Küçük Işık" (Small Light) but usually called as "Fener (The Flashlight).


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