Substitution Stickers (代用シール Daiyō Shīru) are Doraemon's gadgets that he brought out to substitute a Phone Book for Suneo's manga as Nobita lost the real one.


Substitution Stickers are gadgets that allow their user to substitute an item for another by writing that object's name on the sticker, and applying the sticker to an item that they want to "substitute". The item's use is not limited to just objects, and can also be used on buildings, or even people. If the sticker falls off the effect will end.

Appears in

List of things that were substituted

The Substitution Sticker Various To subtitute the following things:
  • Advertisement for Nobita's test paper
  • Dorayaki for mouse (2005 anime series)
  • Wooden shoe for hammer (2005 anime series)
  • Leather shoes for slippers (2005 anime series)
  • Doraemon for tricycle (2005 anime series)
  • Doraemon for mailbox
  • Kawada's house for Yamada's house
  • Electricity post for Red-traffic light (2005 anime series)
  • Several leaves for Dorayakis, Rings, Money Bills and Pork Buns (2005 anime series)
  • Mailbox for Nobita



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