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Yes, I remember this series. I'm 18 by the way, and watched this when I was five or so on video tape.

Not all footage is lost, I believe. I still have a few recorded episodes with me at home, all of which are dubbed in Malay, and in my opinion this didn't deserve to get a low rating, for this was what had brought me into Doraemon.

The fact that I still have the episodes with me, really challenges the notion that the opening sequence is "one of the last few surviving clips". In fact, if I had the proper software, and found the tapes in my store room, I could upload the ones I have. Add to the fact that this was aired on Malaysian TV, there is a possibility that there are surviving copies of the entire series somewhere.

I'm pretty sure many people recorded the series as well, and if we were to upload all of it, we'd get to revive this old series.

And I was pretty much surprised to hear about it being lost forever when I had just watched this series as recently as 2001 on my old VCR... Now that I know it's rare, I'll cherish my copy forever, and I may consider making copies then selling them off at Ebay!TerrawindX2 08:44, 11 May 2008 (UTC)

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