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The Human Piggy Bank
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Release date July 21 1989
Japanese title 人間貯金箱製造機
Episode number 1038
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The Human Piggy Bank
Release date January 11, 2013
Japanese title 人間貯金箱
English title The Human Piggy Bank
Episode number 311
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The Birth of Detective Nobita!

The Human Piggy Bank is an episode from the Doraemon 1979 anime and the Doraemon 2005 anime.


Every year a new game is out then Nobita goes to buy it, wasting his New Year's allowance.(An amount of money that adults give the younger ones in Japan). Then he wants help from Doraemon, he wants a different piggy bank from him. Doraemon uses 22nd-Century Piggy Banks. And he uses four of them, all of which have failed.

  1. Hypnosis Bank: User puts money in this one, and it hypnotises someone goes near there. Nobita used a mirror to make him hypnotise itself and takes the money.
  2. Puzzle Bank: User puts money in, and have to fix an hard puzzle to get it again. Nobita pushes himself to fix the puzzle and take the money.
  3. Guard Dog Bank: User puts money in this dog and have to fight and defeat it to get the money. Nobita attack to the piggy bank then get the money with a lot of damage.

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  • In the manga and the 1979 version of this episode, the password for the Tamako's bank is 4444 (4 is an unlucky number in Asia beacuse the way it's said sounds similar to the way the word death is said). She unlocked it when she tried to choo away a cockroach (1979 version) / cat (manga) four times (the chooing sound is "shi" which sounds like "4"). 
  • In both the original manga and the 2005 version, Tamako's mouth is big enough to put all the money in at once however in the 1979 version Nobita has to put the bill in one by one.