The Substitution Rope
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Release date January 17, 1986
Japanese title 入れかえロープ
English title The Substitution Rope
Episode number 849
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The Substitution Rope is an episode from the 1979 anime.


Feeling that being someone of the different gender is better, Shizuka wants to climb trees while Nobita wants to do quiet things she does. They seek Doraemon for the Substitution Rope that allows them to switch bodies. Initially reluctant, Shizuka allows herself to switch bodies with Nobita. After both of them switched bodies, Nobita in Shizuka's body goes out to play, meeting Sensei and Dekisugi along the street. However, he is unable to fit with Shizuka's friends, and even Shizuka's mother finds her daughter a completely different person while having tea in Shizuka's room.

On the other hand, Shizuka in Nobita's body, speeds all the way to the mountain out of embarrassment after switching bodies with Nobita. She climbs the tree that she had wanted to challenge when she was young and is awed by the panoramic view of the city. Shizuka in Nobita's body then joins Jaian and Suneo in a baseball match. She plays fairly well, and is able to score the match for The Giants.

Missing his old self, Nobita in Shizuka's body asks Shizuka in Nobita's body to switch back bodies, but Shizuka in Nobita's body, who is enjoying her new life, refuses to. Shizuka in Nobita's body, takes a shower without hesitance, and finds herself naked in Nobita's body. She barges in Nobita in Shizuka's body's toilet, and does not allow him to take off his clothes. Finally returning back to their own bodies, they now discover that being in their own gender is the best.


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The Substitution Rope Story
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Release date June 3, 2005
Japanese title 入れかえロープ物語
English title The Substitution Rope Story
Episode number 8a
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Cartoonist Jaiko
Subtition rope title card
The Substitution Rope Story is an episode from the Doraemon 2005 anime. This episode is called The Switching Rope in the English LUK Internacional (UK) dub.


As a toddler, Shizuka had admired Jaian and Suneo's ability to climb trees in the mountain. Her mother does not allow her to do so, even if she wanted to. Discussing with Nobita if being someone of the different gender is better, Nobita proposes the idea of switching bodies. Doraemon lends them the Substitution Rope that allows them to do so. Nobita, now in Shizuka's body, goes out to play. Embarrassed, Shizuka in Nobita's body is reluctant to go out, but Doraemon gives her the push.

Shizuka finally fulfills her wish to climb the tree in the mountain, and is delighted to see the panoramic view of the city, just like what Jaian had said. She later joins Jaian and Suneo for a baseball match, and is able to score for The Giants with her superb performance at the field.

Nobita, on the other hand, gives the impression that Shizuka has became a changed person. He finds it hard to fit with Shizuka's friends, and is tangled while skipping. Returning to Shizuka's room, he is lectured by Shizuka's mother over his etiquette.

Back home, Nobita, missing his old self, asks Shizuka to switch back his own body, but Shizuka, praised by Jaian and Suneo for her performance earlier, refuses to. Upset, he is reluctant to take a shower, but eventually gets the realization that he would be able to see his body from the inside. Meanwhile, Shizuka sees something she is not supposed to see. She almost barges in her own toilet naked, trying to prevent Nobita from taking his clothes off.


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[The match begins]
Gian: Watch me now! [throws the baseball to the catcher. The batter from the opponent team strikes the ball, and it flies to where Shizuka in Nobita's body is] Oh no! It's flying to Nobita!
Shizuka in Nobita's body: [begins running to catch the ball] Let me catch this!
[The ball descends to Shizuka in Nobita's body, and "he" successfully catches the ball with his glove. Shizuka in Nobita's body lands on the ground face down, shocking everyone. Suddenly, "he" leaps up, and declares victory]
Gian and Suneo: Nobita has caught the ball!

[Shizuka in Nobita's body strikes the ball and makes a home run]
Gian and Suneo: That's great!
Suneo: What an excellent home run!
Gian: [touched, he clings on to Suneo and pinches his lips] I'm not dreaming, am I? Nobita can make a home run!!
Suneo: [struggling] This isn't a dream! This isn't a dream!
Gian: [lets go of Suneo's lips, and watches as "Nobita" runs happily along the field] Yeah! I feel that Nobita has became a different person altogether today!