The Tranquilizer Stick or the Chill Out Stick in the English dub, is a gadget which was used in the episode Now-Now Stick. It has an ability to tranquilize someone angry. Doraemon gives it to Nobita who uses it to tranquilize Gian and his mom (and some other angry people in 1979 anime episode). Later, Suneo steals it from Nobita and uses it on Gian again and again.


User attaches the stick to the target's mouth and says "まあ まあ! (Calm Down! Calm Down!)" and then target calms down. This gadget hides the target's anger inside of his/her body. The target's anger gets stuck inside his/her body and it grows little by little, then it explodes like a volcanic eruption if the user used the gadget too many times on a person.

Appears in


Used on
Doraemon Tamako To demonstrate the gadget's use, Doraemon claims Nobita complained about Tamako. He attaches the stick on her mouth, who forgets what she was angry for.
Nobita Gian An angry Gian approaches Nobita, and he is about to hit him when Nobita attaches the stick on his mouth.
Nobita Gian Gian is peeved that Nobita keeps following him. When he goes to Nobita, his mouth is attached to the stick again.
Nobita Gian Gian takes away a manga from two boys at the river, and his mouth is attached to the stick when he tries to hit them.
Nobita Gian Gian goes to Suneo, and is about to hit him. His mouth is attached to the stick yet again.
Suneo Nobita Suneo snatches the stick from Nobita, and attaches it on his mouth to gain control of the stick.
Suneo Gian
(multiple times)
Suneo makes Gian angry, and attaches the stick to Gian multiple times. Eventually, his anger escalates and he becomes a walking volcano ready to erupt.



  • The Tranquilizer Stick is one of the favorite gadgets of Megumi Ōhara.