Transformation Headband (変身カチューシャ Henshin Kachūsha) is a gadget that allow the wearer to disguise themselves as a girl. Doraemon brought out this gadget because Nobita said that he wants to be a girl.


The gadget gives the wearer girly hairstyle, skirt, pink-cheek, lipstick and long eyelashes. If the wearer tells their fake name while wearing it, the other people know the user with that name. It also hypnotizes people around them into believing the wearer is a girl.

Appears in



I am Nobiko-chan Doraemon Used to transform himself into a female.
I am Nobiko-chan Nobi Nobita Used on himself to transform into a girl.
I am Nobiko-chan Nobi Nobita Again used on himself to transform into a girl.


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