The Umatake (ウマタケ Umatake, literally "Bamboo Horse"), known as the Skyhorse in the English dub, is a gadget that resembles a stilt. It is actually the 22nd Century's invention that combines both horse and a bamboo.


To ride an Uma-Take, one should probably tame it first. The Uma-Take is a hasty, impatient and aggressive one, so taming it with carrots is a must. Simply put one foot on the 'step', then the Uma-Take itself will jump around and move quickly like a horse. The sound it made are like normal horse footsteps.

Appears in

Appearance in games

Nobita and the Green Giant Legend DS

The Uma-Take is Nobita's first gadget in the game. It allows his to move very fast but in a jumping motion. When using it to jump, pressing the Y button(get off the Uma-Take) will make Nobita jumps, enabling him to reach higher places. The Uma-Take can be used to crush enemies like the Stone Lion and Robo-Mouse by jumping on them. Some enemies cannot be damaged by the Uma-Take, causing Nobita to receive damage instead. The Uma-Take cannot be used underwater.

The Uma-Take is listed under number 4 out of 61 gadgets in the game.



  • It was renamed to Skyhorse in the American dub of the 2005 anime.
  • In the Hindi dub it is called the Bamboo Horse

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