Winning Back Shizuka-chan (Part 1)
Winning Back Shizuka-chan (Part 1)
Release date January 12, 2007
Japanese title しずかちゃんを とりもどせ(前編)
English title Winning Back Shizuka-chan (Part 1)
Episode number 146
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Part 1 of a two-part special, Winning Back Shizuka-chan is an episode from the Doraemon (2005 series). It is the 2007 adaptation of the 1989 adaptation of Home-Ec Apron, but with a major expansion of the storyline.


In a Home Economics lesson, the teacher praises Dekisugi and Shizuka for their cooking skills, but scolds Nobita when he carelessly burns his egg while he is daydreaming about his future. After school, Dekisugi, Shizuka, Nobita, Gian and Suneo hang out at the open lot and discuss about the lesson. Dekisugi and Shizuka, and Nobita, Gian and Suneo cannot agree on whether boys should cook, and Shizuka gets mad at Nobita and leaves with Dekisugi, leaving Nobita sad.

Nobita returns home and tells Doraemon that Shizuka got mad at him. Doraemon warns Nobita that the future could change any time, especially if he says and does horrible things. However, Nobita evades Mum's request to help her in the housework and flies away. He returns after a joyride and watches Adult Shizuka 25 years later doing the housework from the Time TV. She asks a boy to come out and take some snacks. The boy - who is revealed to be Hideyo - is working on an invention. Nobita is shocked that the boy is not his son Nobisuke but Dekisugi's son, but he is being ordered by Mum to help her in the housework.

Returning home after running an errand, Doraemon finds Nobita helping out in the housework, but it was actually a slipshod one, so Doraemon takes out the Home-Ec Apron to help Nobita become an expert in the housework. However, Nobita could not forget what will happen 25 years later and returns to his room to double-check on the boy. Nobita's jaws drop when he finds that the boy is not Nobisuke, but Hideyo. Unable to believe that the future has changed, Nobita runs out of the house to find Shizuka-chan.

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[Dekisugi, Shizuka, Nobita, Gian and Suneo hang out at the open lot]
Suneo: [sits on one of the concrete culverts] Cooking is sure hard, isn't it?
Gian: It doesn't matter. You can go on with your life even if you can't do it.
Shizuka: But cooking is a lot of fun, don't you think so?
Dekisugi: Certainly!
Nobita: [comparing his mother's sunny-side with the one he fried just now] But the fried eggs Mama makes for me taste way better than the one I made!
Shizuka: That's because you never do it.
Dekisugi: If you cook everyday, your skills will gradually improve. Just like studying!
Gian: [charges at Dekisugi] What did you say, Dekisugi?! Don't get a big head, just because you're good at studying!
Suneo: [hops up] Yeah, you're right!
Nobita: [crosses his hands behind his head] Yeah, yeah.
Dekisugi: [scratches his head] Majority wins, then.
Shizuka: Oh, you guys... you'll have many problems in the future if you keep saying things like that.
Gian: Nope, we ain't gonna have problems, because we'll have wives who'll cook for us.
Suneo: [nods head]
Shizuka: Huh?
Nobita: Yeah, that's right!
Shizuka: [turns to Nobita, and stands up hands clenched] Nobita-san, I can't believe you would say that, too! [stands up straight in disagreement]
Gian: [whispering] Nobita, say it to her!
Suneo: Do it, do it!
Nobita: [nods head, then takes a deep breath] A... A guy doesn't need to be able to cook! He can just have someone to make all the food for him!
Shizuka: What? [walks away] Let's go, Dekisugi-san. [Shizuka and Dekisugi walk away]
Nobita: [in shock] N... No... Shizuka-chan! [his head faces down in disappointment]
Gian: [waves his hands] Yay! Yay! Shizuka-chan's got mad at you!
Suneo: You shouldn't say such horrible things, Nobita.
Nobita: EH?!
Gian: [Gian and Suneo dance] Shizuka-chan got mad at Nobita!
Suneo: Nobita made her mad!
Gian and Suneo: Yay! Yay! Shizuka-chan's got mad at you!
[In despair, Nobita faces down again, and his shirt becomes improperly dressed]

[last lines, Nobita trembles as he pushes the button of the Time TV]
Nobita: Is it Nobisuke...? Or Hideyo...?
[Nobita pushes the button. The boy's face begins to show up]
Nobita: Please! Please let me have just misheard!
[The boy's face is revealed. Nobita's jaws drop upon seeing that the boy is Hideyo, not Nobisuke]
Hideyo: With a single button, one can expedite the conversion process and it will still make less noise as it operates.
Doraemon: This boy is a splitting image of Dekisugi-kun.
Nobita: [turns to Doraemon, jaws still dropped]
Doraemon: What are you saying? [closes Nobita's mouth up]
Nobita: [turns to Doraemon] Doraemon, pinch my cheek!
Doraemon: Huh?
Nobita: Hurry!
Doraemon: Hmmm... [pinches his right cheek] Like this?
Nobita: [flies out of the world] OWWW!!!!!
Nobita: [back into reality watching Time TV] I'm not dreaming, after all...
Hideyo: [referring to the croquettes] These are incredibly delicious!
Adult Shizuka: Really? Have more if you'd like them, Hideyo-chan.
[Nobita is appalled. "Hideyo-chan"?!]
Adult Shizuka: I hope your Papa comes back from Mars soon.
[Hideyo nods his head]
Doraemon: Did she say "Hideyo"? But Nobita-kun's son should be Nobisuke.
Nobita: [taken aback] Th... This ain't real... [turns to Doraemon and grabs him by his collar] This ain't happening! Shizuka-chan and I get married, and then she gives birth to Nobisuke, right?! Right?! RIGHT?! [lets go of Doraemon] Tell me this ain't real, Doraemon! [grabs Doraemon by the collar again] Didn't you just say Shizuka-chan is going to be my wife?
Doraemon: [lets go of Nobita and appears out of breath] I told you so, but the future can always change.
[Nobita is surprised. He begins to cry]
Doraemon: Maybe you did something that made her dislike you, or maybe she started liking Dekisugi-kun more.
Nobita: No! [as Doraemon feels badly for Nobita] I won't... believe that. I won't! [begins to walk out of the room]
Doraemon: Where are you going?
Nobita: I'm going to see Shizuka-chan and check with her directly to find out whether she's really dumped me.
[Nobita runs out of the house]
Doraemon: "Dumped", he says... she hasn't even started to like him, yet.
Nobita: [running along the streets] SHIZUKA-CHAN! This ain't real... This can't happen... I refuse to believe it!
[Flashbacks of Shizuka show up as Nobita continue to run his way to find Shizuka]
Nobita: Shizuka-chan! Shizuka-chan! Shizuka-chan! [hops up] SHIZUKA-CHAN!


  • This is the first instance of a chapter being split up into two parts in the 2005 anime.

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